About Me

I am just a simple farm boy from Kentucky that watched a little too much paranormal television, and one day decided to stomp out into the darkness, camera in hand, and try to find the answers to some of life’s mysteries.

Maybe it was a mistake. I have a tendency towards addictive behavior. When I find something I like I go at it with all my energy and passion.

But the paranormal field has embraced me and I still have that passion for discovery. Granted: Somewhere along the way I lost the drive required to sit around reviewing countless hours of collected audio and video. But otherwise I still spend what might be an unhealthy amount of my personal and financial resources in pursuit of insight and knowledge.

I started out as most “ghost hunters” do. I collected a vast array of consumer grade electronics and dove in head first, with little understanding and no real training. However, as my pursuit was truly for insight and knowledge and not just for the “thrill of the hunt” as it were, I devoured all of the resources I could find. I read books. I participated in paranormal discussion groups. Hell, I even read my camera manuals. Paranormal reality television slowly moved off of my radar and was replaced with actual reality.

You see, it was never enough for me to use a piece of equipment. I had to understand what that piece of equipment measured or recorded. I had to understand its limits. I had to understand how the results could be applied to what I was looking for. I had to understand what it could NOT do as much as what it could do.

That time spent in the field collecting data and measuring the environment in allegedly haunted locations was creating more questions than it was answering. Finally, my research took a turn into the metaphysical world.

When I entered the field topics such as mediums and demons and trans-dimensional beings were not part of the world I was looking at. I am not saying that I did or didn’t believe in them. Honestly, I didn’t give them much thought one way or the other. I was here. They were over there. As far as I was concerned the paths need not cross.

But the things I was observing were not easily explained by stray electromagnetic fields or inadequate camera design. I was seeing the real effects that the paranormal has on real people. I decided to explore the mystical side of the field.

A lot of paranormal enthusiasts get quite indignant when confronted with the possibilities that some of us may have tapped into gifts that allow us a clearer view of what’s “behind the veil”. They seem to forget that the mystical and theological got here first. Be they right or wrong in their conclusions, that discipline noticed there was something else going on in the world long before Leonard Nimoy went “In Search Of.” I felt there were answers to be found in their side of the equation if for no other reason than they had been looking at the problem longer.

My paranormal life quickly took a turn for the weird as psychics and sensitives started noticing and approaching me. I was told that the reason I was finding success in the field was that my “light” was a beacon. I was told that my own vibration not only allowed spirits to hear me but made them listen. I was told of vast gifts that I yet to tap. I was told of missions from God and that warrior Angels traveled with me.

I was also told that there were “rules”. There were things that even the gifted could not do. Free will was the law of the universe and that ghosts and such definitely had the high ground in confrontations with the living.

Most importantly I was told to listen to my inner voice…and that voice was telling me that they had some of those rules wrong.

Segue to Paranormal Filler. Having been an attention whore most of my life I thought it might be fulfilling to do an internet radio show. The original concept of the show was to allow me to “think out loud” and to inspire topics for me to write about. The shows were monologue driven. Occasionally I might have a guest come on to discuss a topic with me, but I really wasn’t that interested in doing actual interviews at first.

…at first.

Eventually I realized that I could learn more by listening than I could by talking. If my goal was to learn as much as I could from as many sources as I could then maybe I should ask more questions and give fewer answers.

Then people started telling me I was good at it. Guests started telling me how much fun they had on the show and how they could not wait for another chance to talk to me. Fellow hosts were coming to me for guidance and technical advice. People were noticing me: Every attention whore’s dream come  true.

An unintended consequence of my popularity on internet radio (as opposed to real world popularity which tends to bring fame and fortune with it) was that my original work suffered. My field work stopped. I really wasn’t contributing anything new to the field anyhow. My writing went from sporadic to non-existence. Who has the time?

That brings me to where I am now. Not that I am sure where I am now. I just know that I am here.