• i, Superstitious

    Do you have a ritual that you perform every New Year’s Day? I think most people have some ritual associated with the holiday whether they realize it or not. Many

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  • Looking For More: Motorcycle Crash Scene

    By now everyone has seen a certain photo taken at an accident scene that has been making its rounds. I thought I would throw my own analysis into the mix.

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  • Is It Haunted?

    We have all heard the question “is it haunted?” Clients want to know our opinion in the field. Someone on a television gives his or her opinion weekly. There are

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  • Let The Dead Be Dead

    A recent tragedy in the Paranormal field brought this topic to mind. When someone dies, tragic or otherwise, the standard procedure for their spirit is to leave or become disconnected

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  • Definitions

    Every now and then I come across something in the paranormal field that takes me beyond the typical “I disagree” or “That’s just silly” to a rousing “Who do they

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  • Fact Checkers Wanted

    A while back I sort of got sucked into a conversation on Twitter about a piece of evidence in particular, but about skepticism in a broader context. Let me see

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  • Pareidolia: Cry Wolf

    Pareidolia: Misperception in which vague or random images or sounds are misinterpreted as meaningful patterns. Early in 2014 on a Friday Night Paranormal I-Con episode, I had a spirited, but civil,

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Things to come…

Welcome to Phase II

If you haven’t been here for a while, you were probably expecting to find a (outdated) collection of posts about my radio shows and the occasional opinion piece about the state of paranormal research.

pageSome of you may have even taken time to review some of the “evidence” I collected over the years. Still others were just checking out my Paranormal Event Calendar.

All of those items will return eventually…well, not the calendar or radio stuff – that’s at my new Paranormal Filler web site.

I decided it was time to change the course of iHuntGhosts.com. I am returning it to its original purpose. It started out as a review and blog site. A place for me to ramble on about my passion for the paranormal field.

Over the years, numerous people have asked me to write: anything…a blog…an article…a book. I love writing but I just could never keep the momentum going. I hope that this site will give me a place to organize my thoughts and put them into words.

Wish me luck.

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