Guest Bloggers Wanted

I just can’t seem to find the time nor the inspiration to write anymore. But I have a perfectly good blog site here with decent traffic that is growing a little “dusty”.

So how would you like to share your blogs with

I am looking for paranormal related articles. This may include the mystical or the scientific. Fields of consideration include (but are not limited to) ghosts, paranormal television, witchcraft, religion, ufology, cryptozoology, haunted history, book reviews, and psychic topics. I don’t care if they are written from the standpoint of a True Believer or a Skeptic as long as they are well written and have the perspective of education or sharing I am interested.

All guest blogs will be fully credited to the author. I don’t want to take credit for your work. All I am wanting to do is to give my site visitors some fresh content.

Here are the rules:

  • Original content only! Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Submit only content that you own and have full right to share.
  • Individual articles may be posted elsewhere as long as you have the right to share the content with me.
  • Include a full bi-line with each submission that includes a brief bio of yourself, plus at least minimal contact information (I.e. Facebook or Twitter). The bi-line should also mention whether the article has been published before whether in print or on the web. A photo or logo or similar representative artwork would also be a nice touch.
  • Sources should be properly credited.
  • Understand that I maintain the right to reject any submission for any reason. Also I may delay posting articles for days or even weeks to maintain a relatively consistent flow of content.
  • Newly posted articles will be announced via my Twitter feed and Facebook pages. After that my random post generator will take over to continue to drive traffic to your content via Twitter. New articles may also be mentioned on the current episode of Paranormal Filler.
  • I maintain editorial authority. In other words, if I find a poorly written sentence I may “fix it” just because I want to.
  • You may request that your content be removed at any time and for any reason. I claim no ownership nor rights to any guest blogs.

To submit your blog or to request more information, email