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Written by Wes Forsythe   
Friday, 01 June 2012 15:57

To Listen Live: Select One Of The Listening Option Links At the Top Of The Page

Paranormal Filler Sundays 8PM to 9PM Eastern
The Paranormal i-Con Fridays 9PM to 11PM Eastern
Paranormal Filler Spotlight Every Other Sunday 9PM to 10PM Eastern

Paranormal Filler 2.0 is the newest incarnation of my weekly broadcast. Each week I bring in guests that are interest to the paranormal community: investigators, psychics, photographers, authors, tour-guides, etc. We try to cover the field from all angles while trying to find that Balance Between Skeptic and Believer. In many ways the show has come a long way since its inception, but it is still an honest effort to take a serious look at the paranormal without taking myself too seriously.

Starting in December of 2013, I have begun searching for and adding co-hosts to the program. Along my travels I sometimes come across talented people that I want to work with. These hosts will rotate on more-or-less a weekly basis to bring fresh viewpoints to my show.

This new, fresher format has coincided with the launch of my syndication efforts. At the top of the site you will notice that there are multiple links pointing to various ways of listening to the show. I did this for two reasons: First, I hope to gain listeners by having it appear on these other networks and websites. Second: Many people have reported having trouble getting the original LiveParanormal and BlogTalk interfaces to work for them. Now, you have multiple options for tuning in live. Some of these new listening options also will allow on on-site chat if desired.

Paranormal Filler is hosted by LiveParanormal.com and the new broadcasts are simply simulcasts of that feed. At this time that is still the best option if you would like to interact with me via chat.

The Paranormal i-Con is a new show launched in late 2013 by LiveParanormal to give me the opportunity to showcase even more guests. The i-Con airs Fridays from 9PM to 11PM eastern. The aim of the show is to bring in the same high profile people that you will meet at paranormal conventions. The show regularly brings in celebrities and the people behind the scenes of the TV shows, along with the usual mix of investigative teams and psychics.

Yet another new project with LiveParanormal has been branded The Paranormal Filler Spotlight. This ongoing series is designed to showcase various paranormal teams to give them a chance to talk about their methods, research, and results. The program will air every other Sunday night at 9PM eastern, following Paranormal Filler, and will also fill random time slots throughout the week on LiveParanormal.

If you would like to be considered as a guest on any of these programs, just contact myself or Rob Szarek  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Include as much information about yourself or your team as possible to help us decide which program will best showcase you. AUTHORS: If you would like to appear on one of the programs you may be required to furnish me with either a hard or digital copy of the work you want to showcase. I have found that being familiar with an author's work and style makes for a much smoother interview. 

If you are hosting an event or convention and would like us to broadcast live, we can do that. Basically the details would depend on how far I have to travel versus how large the event is. While I NEVER charge to cover or participate in an event, rarely will I pay for the privilege. Basically that means that I require space and access to high speed internet at the minimum and may ask that some or all of my travel expenses be covered depending on how far I will be traveling and how long I will be away from home. In addition to the live coverage of paranormal events, I also can speak on a variety of related topics if requested. The events I attend as a representative of Paranormal Filler and LiveParanormal are heavily promoted not only on my shows, but all over the LiveParanormal network.

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