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Written by Wes Forsythe   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 22:27

Do you have a location that you think we may be interested in investigating?

Do you have a question about the paranormal you want answered1?

Do you have a comment or question about what we do?

Or maybe you have a web site dealing with the paranormal and would like to exchange links with us.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

If you are in the Kentucky "area" and might like an investigation of your property feel free to contact us with any information and experiences that you would like to share.

We do not charge for investigations. Period. We do not even accept donations 2.

We have the resources  to thoroughly cover most buildings in an effective "net" of cameras and audio equipment. In addition to the same technology you may be familiar with from TV shows such as Ghost Hunters, we sometimes will use so-called communication tools such as dowsing rods. We consider these passive tools that may allow us to contact any entities in the immediate vicinity. We do not delve into what we consider the occult and the only ritual we use is prayer.

There is absolutely no obligation in contacting us.

If requested your name and exact location3 will be kept confidential. Any findings may be posted on this web site. If we find nothing - that's okay too.

I do not claim to be trained nor qualified in the field of "cleansing" (removing spirits from a location). While it is possible that, through prayer, I may be able to facilitate that spirits move on to "the other side",  there are no guarantees nor even evidence beyond the annecdotal  to support that I am able to do such a thing. My only promise is that I will attempt to help you understand a little about what is going on, so that you can live with whatever may be happening and hopefully take charge of your life and your home.


  1. The answer may be wrong, but we will try to answer it.
  2. In cases where we are asked to travel long distances, we may ask for help covering our travel expenses.
  3. We would call your investigation something like "Private Residence, Yourtown, KY". Nothing that would identify your home/business need be released


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