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So, we’re still working with an interesting collection of energies from the Full Moon last week- AND the Solar Eclipse back in August. I’d take the time to explain but people usually get that far off look in their eyes and are probably thinking about what they want for lunch, whenever I do. Suffice it to say, these things all tie together pretty well. Insert something something as above, so below- universe as tapestry, you get the idea.

So, by way of a mini tutorial- this is what I start with when writing horoscopes. This is the Kepler Moon Calendar, which is a snippit of the full ephemeris.

The full ephemeris, looks a little something like this:

This one’s for my own, personal horoscope. Makes your eyeballs cross, doesn’t it? In case you didn’t know- math is pretty much the basis of astrology. When we do go beyond the simple, natal astrology: it gets pretty intense and incredibly detailed.

So, I go from there and then I take a look at the transits and otherwise that are impacting things or will. For this week, like I said, we’re still working with that Pisces full moon and the Solar Eclipse but…we also have a trine on Tuesday but a square on Wednesday. Trines tend to be really great- unless you overindulge, which can happen and Squares tend to suck ass. Oops. Proper new age vernacular: they are challenging.

So, that trine is Venus and Saturn: Planet of love and the Greater Malefic. Pull out the whips and chains? No, not exactly. When you’ve got a positive aspect between two seemingly at odds planets: you get something nice. It’s a fantastic time to take things to the next level in love and it’s also typically a good time to invest long term. You’ll find that this kind of influence brings about a more practical edge to love and money which helps a lot.

But, then you get into this square between the Sun and Saturn the next day and it’s like “Wait, what?” because this is pretty much a Morrissey style aspect. By that, I mean, it’s mopey, it’s depressive and it’s more or less all about shooting yourself in the foot. How in the world, then, do these two things come together and make any damn sense?

Well, taking things more seriously in respect to love and money is good- taking yourself seriously…not so much. Lighten up, Francis. The thing to remember when you’re seeing anything to do with Saturn: Saturn is like the strict dad of the zodiac. Screw up, and it’s off to the woodshed with you. Do well, and the rewards tend to be pretty great: stability, focus, structure, these are all things Saturn tends to try to encourage. So, you put these two things together and what is possible? Feeling like a drudge. Feeling like a toaster. Sure, you’re functional, but does the love of your life find you sexy? Do you? Maybe you’re just bogged down with all this adulting crap- either way: you cannot let that get to you. Times like these tend to be little character tests and well, you step up and do right and Saturn has a great way of doing right by you.

We start the week with the Moon in Taurus, which makes these things fairly second nature- Taurus is all about that stability and comfort. BUT, then, it hops into Gemini. Ever thought “stability” or “comfort” about anyone you know who’s a Gemini? I dooooubt it.

So, you roll these things into that Pisces full moon influence and right about midweek, there might be a slight tendency towards people seeing the worst in things and making a mountain out of a molehill. If you’re not inclined towards the theatrical dramatics- it’s typically best not to engage those who are at all. Take things with a grain of salt here, especially if it’s gossipy or otherwise shitty. Now, if you ARE inclined- just going to put this out there: Saturn is decidedly not. If you find yourself engaging in a little Drama Llama behavior, you might want to dial it back and focus on what actually matters. Saturn will spank your ass for it, and no time like the present to get out of a nasty, limiting mindset. Trying to dim someone else’s light never made anybody else’s shine brighter.

This is especially important as we near the end of the week- becaaaaause, we have got one of the conjuncts I love seeing most. Mercury conjunct Mars. So, communication pairs with aggressiveness? You might either wind up in some gnarly circular flame war on Facebook or you might actually get something done. Choice is yours, but personally, I tend to think utilizing an aspect like this to your best advantage is key. Don’t forget- you let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash: you might be in for some long haul troubles. However, there’s something to be said for knowing just what to say and when to say it: and this can definitely help. Really THINK about who you’re talking to and what you’re saying- don’t let your words bite you on the butt later on. Instead, allow yourself to be crystal clear in what you say or don’t say anything at all.


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You might find yourself the subject of some of those wagging tongues this week, Aries. What else is new? Anyway, though you may feel tempted to defend yourself- it’s better to just ignore it. Shift gears and allow yourself to focus on your long term projects and ideas. As the week progresses you may find yourself feeling a bit more emotional than usual, but don’t allow a temporary feeling to become a permanent issue. Instead, continue working your way forward and connecting more strongly with those you hold closest.

You need to tighten your circle and you need to do it now, Taurus. This week may offer you quite a lot of inspiration to do that- and by inspiration, I mean, you may see how allowing outside influences to have ANY impact on what you do is crap. Take a little time to look at your circle and who steps up- and who does not. You need to align your priorities now, in order to get things on track: and allowing others to continue to have any impact on your life has to stop. If it doesn’t evolve you- it doesn’t involve you.

You might be tempted to see the worst in some situations this week, Gemini- but don’t. If you’re feeling a bit bored and restless, picking up a new hobby or getting back into an existing one you’ve let lapse is a good idea. Finding outlets for your restless mental energy can help a great deal, particularly if you find yourself digging for snakes where there may not be any. Let all the facts emerge without playing detective- you’ll find quite a bit is not as bad as it appears.

So, this week seems a bit on the topsy turvy side mood wise, but, not all those swings are bad, Cancer. You may find that as you explore a few of your thoughts on things, it is a lot more interesting than paying attention to what others are saying. As you do this, you may just find that a solution to a couple longstanding problems emerges- and you are able to set those things in motion to further your long term plans.

This week might bring some dramatic people into your circle- or, well, frankly, that may be you bringing the drama, Leo. You may want to dial that down a notch as your immediate reactions to things may be a little more over the top than is needed. As you do find your center, you may come to realize there’s a much better way of going about things that gets the job done without the trouble.

As things are wont to do: they get a bit nerve wracking and difficult to balance this week, Virgo. However, you may find that if you stick to your plan and not get distracted by others, you still make a lot of headway. This is definitely one of those weeks where you may want to repeat the old maxim: “Not my circus, not my monkeys” and keep doing what you’re doing. Towards the end of the week you may see some encouragement that helps you stay the course.


You may find yourself back and forth quite a bit this week- but take care not to try to play the diplomat so much you piss everyone off. Unless, well, you’re truly just not sure: if you’re only doing this to prevent people from being mad at you- bad news is, they’re probably mad anyway. Good news is, if you have a stance on things and you take it- this is actually a better way forward and will eventually lead to better things.

Things might be kind of weird this week, but that generally holds true for you, anyway, Scorpio. However, you may find that organizing what you need to focus on helps quite a bit. If you find that others are trying to pull some dramatic stunts- wave them on and do what you’re going to do anyway. Things get a bit more settled towards the end of the week, though you may find yourself feeling more introverted than usual.

This week promises to be a bit more adjusting for you, Sagittarius. As you now work with the end result of the choices you’ve made- you may find that some of them led to challenges, yet: ultimately they will be worth it. Don’t allow doubts or the talk of others to interfere with your goals and dreams, now.

Be prepared to roll your eyes a lot this week, Capricorn. However, one of the things you need to be particularly careful of- don’t alienate those who truly care but are dealing with some shit. Though you may find some things come up to derail a few plans, that doesn’t mean you’re not still putting things in motion. Make time to reassess your goals and priorities and continue forward.

Though you may be tempted to get involved, steer clear of any issues between friends or loved ones this week, Aquarius. You’d be much wiser to just channel your energy into more constructive things for now- that quarrel will resolve itself. Allow yourself the benefit of backing away slowly and just letting the people involved duke it out however they’re going to.

This week starts out a little odd but then slows to the more mundane, Pisces. You may find that your thoughts are a bit scattered, so you’d be wise to pull back and focus on what you want to get done. Towards midweek you may find that you’re feeling more reluctant to get involved in others’ business- and you’d be right. Take a step back and just keep doing what you’re doing.