Looking For More: Motorcycle Crash Scene

ghostphotoBy now everyone has seen a certain photo taken at an accident scene that has been making its rounds.

I thought I would throw my own analysis into the mix.

My own method of breaking down a “ghost picture” involves a rather amateurish process of looking at what makes up the “ghost”, identifying known elements, and then deciding if the “ghost” exists without those identifiable elements.

I am NOT a professional photographer. I just like looking at details. I also have the advantage of having a 55-inch high-resolution television screen that I use as a computer monitor when I look at stuff.

The first thing I look for in a picture is focus and clarity. This photo had neither. It may not seem important to you, but if a photo is too blurry or out of focus to , let’s say positively identify the guy who – for example – robbed a convenience store, then it is generally not going to rise to my personal standards of paranormal evidence. In this particular photo, I can’t read the name of the ambulance company…same idea.

The second thing I do is…get ready for it…zoom in.


In this screen capture, I have the image zoomed in about 400% from the original version found on Facebook.

The first thing I then noticed was that the head of the gray “apparition” was obviously a clump of leaves. I deduced this by the fact that it

  • a) is the same color of green as the surrounding known leaves.
  • b) looked an awful lot like a clump of leaves.

I now have a gray “apparition” with no head. So let’s look at the arms. Crap, zoomed it it doesn’t really have arms. It’s right arm (stage right…for the sake of argument pretend our headless“ghost” is facing us) is about the same color as the torso, but is kind of short, has green in the foreground (as if it had yet more leaves in front of it) and is a really close match to other items (tree limbs) elsewhere in the background.

The left arm (stage left) … well crap, there isn’t one when you are zoomed in.

The lower portion of the “ghost” also conveniently ends rather abruptly where one would expect the bushes along a highway to be at this time of year in Kentucky.

So, let’s see where we are. We are now looking at what could be an out of focus, headless gray ghost torso with one stumpy, slightly green arm.

You know what else has a gray torso and an occasional matching gray limb with green highlights and is found in the woods?

I think it is tree.

That being said, I could be wrong. Maybe, just maybe, the proof of an afterlife that you are looking for is to be found in this photo: an out of focus photo presumably taken on a cell phone from what can only be described as “a long way away”.

I’m just looking for more.