The Interview

My dreams have taken an odd turn and seem a little more vivid as of late. I managed to make some notes on one of them and this is what I remember.

A couple of nights ago, this dream involved me being at a radio station with some “colleagues” to be interviewed about The Scarefest, a horror and paranormal convention that I am a part of.

I don’t remember who the host was, but one of the people that was in my group for the interview was a guy I went to high school with. His real name is Greg. Greg was a nice guy and we got along great in school, but we were at more of an intersection of social circles rather than close friends. I remember him as being nice to a fault and never getting into trouble.

In the dream he hogged the interview time and I didn’t get to say a word during the first segment despite being the leader of our group. During the commercial break he realized what he had done and apologized, but then I punched him in the mouth anyway.

I don’t think I have ever punched someone in the mouth in real life. I am just not a violent person by nature. Usually by the time I get worked up enough to transition into “fight mode” my antagonist has gotten bored and moved on, plus I am told that I get a look in my eyes that says I will fight dirty and to the death. Both of these qualities have served me well.

Fortunately for Dream Greg, I punch in my dreams much like I throw in real life and no real harm was done. He accepted that he had it coming and we went on about our business.

I did the talking during the second segment of the interview, but realized when the segment was over that we had NOT talked about The Scarefest. Unfortunately the interview was over and the host went on to taking calls from his listeners.

As we were leaving, I backed my car into a hole.

I don’t mean that there was a hidden hole behind my tire and I got stuck. I was backing up, realized that I needed to stop and pressed on my brakes. But the car continued to slide into this huge sinkhole that pretty much swallowed the whole car. That is when I woke up.

On a side note: Someone in the dream apparently had a prominent tattoo. I don’t remember how the tattoo fits into the story, but it stuck with me enough that I typed it into my phone when I woke up…or my phone’s spell check substituted “tattoo” for some other word that had meaning.