The Party

This must be my week for strange and vivid dreams.

This one is particularly hard to piece together so please bear with me. When I do these journals I write down the broad themes and then try to fill in the details as they pop into my head. I know it makes my writing style a little “jerky”. This dream had a lot of seemingly unrelated elements.

Last night I went to a party. It felt like a reunion, but I only recognized a few people.

I guess the important factor involved is that I was naked. Yes, it’s a dream cliché, but I was naked.

I don’t remember being overly embarrassed about being naked. It was more of a feeling of “Why did I come naked. No one else came naked.” The reaction of the people that were there ranged from “Why did that guy come naked?” to one guy whose reaction seemed to be “Bold choice.”

At some point in the dream someone gave me a pair of tan shorts and maybe a t shirt. I was still under-dressed compared to everyone else, but at least people quit staring.

The only major event in that part of the dream that I remember was when a woman that I went to school with asked me to dance (after I had put clothes on I think). We were never really close friends in life; We were more like “buddies”. She was (and still is) a very beautiful lady. We just didn’t have a lot in common other than a circle of friends, and I was a little intimidated that she could kick my ass in about any sport.

But in the dream she was wearing a very nice, slightly slinky yet classy, formal dress and asked me to dance. I have no idea if she can dance in real life (but I would bet money she has never owned a dress like that), but in the dream we performed what I would call a modern box step. We glided through the crowd on the dance floor stylishly and effortlessly, engaging in small talk along the way.

I think at some point she brought up that she was a fan of “books on tape” and that I should start reading and recording my blogs and articles as audio tracks. I know someone in the dream told me this. I am just not positive it was her.

Wherever this dance took place, it was obviously far from home. I remember that I needed to get back home so that I could be ready for work on Monday. Even in my dreams I can’t relax apparently.

I remember that I had my best friend from my youth with me for at least the trip home, if not the entire adventure. There were a couple of more friends that were going to ride home with me, but I am not sure if they were part of the original plan or if they joined us as we left the party.

After we left we became lost almost immediately. It was just a matter of taking a wrong turn down a narrow country road, but it was a dead end. This wrong road was  bordered by modest homes with well manicured lawns. I think one homeowner looked irritated that we drove past her property and interrupted her otherwise quiet neighborhood, but beyond that it was uneventful. I even remember pulling out onto the main road and reaching for my phone to use the GPS.

I know there were more layers to the dream, but I just can’t seem to visualize them right now.